Our History

In the mid-1980s, the words “poverty” and “Fairfax County” seemed like an oxymoron to most people.

Nevertheless, a group of concerned citizens realized that the County’s amazing affluence masked the formation of an underclass. Poor working people from all over the county flocked to the area in search of jobs. The scarcity of affordable housing put these people at risk of becoming homeless.

HCSNV began in 1985 when a consortium of churches called Ventures In Community (VIC) decided to find solutions to the housing problems of the working poor in Fairfax County.

HCSNV was Fairfax County’s first long-term, homeless prevention case management program. Over the years, it has evolved into an agency that provides case management, supportive services, and financial literacy training to clients from all over Northern Virginia.

Number of groups/people we have helped (figures are from 2010):

  •  Housing Counseling and Case Management Services (HCCMS): During 2010, we provided one-on-one budget counseling and follow up to more than 480 clients by researching affordable housing units, advocating for financial assistance and coordinating ancillary services with government agencies on our clients’ behalf.
  • Education and Advocacy Services: In 2010, we provided bilingual homebuyer education workshops and counseling to 70 clients.
  • Direct Financial Aid: $70,000 to 130 households with a total of 450 people
  • Referrals: During 2010, we provided referrals for assistance to over 4,000 families.

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