Financial Coaching and Case Management

This is the heart of HCSNV’s homeless prevention effort.

  • We use one-on-one budgeting counseling to help our clients stay in their homes.
  • We work with households to define sustainable goals.
  • We monitor progress towards self-sufficiency.
  • We offer guidance as needed.


Counseling without follow-up tends to be ineffective, so our counselors keep track of each family’s progress toward self-sufficiency.

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Information and referrals

Welcome Home

Our Welcome Home Program is offered thanks to the support of The Community Foundation and NCLR.

Participants of the program are low-income families with minor children at risk of losing their homes due to a variety of reasons including: a financial crisis, reduction of income, or illness.

The program’s participants receive comprehensive group and one-on-one housing and financial counseling to gain or maintain stable housing, and improve their financial stability and self-sufficiency. Also, everyone in the program receives partial financial assistance for rental payments three times in a 12-month period.

Click here to download an application (link to application) to the program.

The program is a year-long, and it depends on availability of funds.

As of March 31, 2016, the program is full. It will open again in August of 2016 pending funding approval.

Meet satisfied clients from our Welcome Home program! See testimonials