Housing Counseling & Case Management

This is the heart of HCSNV’s homeless prevention effort.

  • We use one-on-one budget counseling to help our clients stay in their homes.
  • We work with households to define sustainable goals
  • We monitor progress towards self-sufficiency
  • We offer guidance as needed.

We have found that counseling without follow-up tends to be ineffective, so our counselors keep track of each family’s progress toward self-sufficiency.

For clients who need to find new homes, we:

  • Identify an affordable housing unit
  • Contact community-based organizations to obtain a security deposit should the client need financial assistance
  • Negotiate with the Department of Housing and Community Development should the client have a housing choice voucher.

Every week, we publish the affordable housing locator which provides a current listing of “Lowest Market Rentals” in the area to help HCSNV clients in their search for affordable housing.  The list is distributed to Fairfax County and other community-based agencies.